Internship at Got It

“I believe that Got It really is an awesome working environment to sharpen multiple skills. My mentor and colleague’s teaching, patience and availability have been very valuable for me. I’m grateful for their suggestions, recommendations and constructive criticism that helped me learn a lot both professionally and personally. Applying to Got It is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
Daisy Nguyen
Test Automation Intern

Internship at Got It

“Since working at Got It, I’ve learnt many new skills, known what my weaknesses are and how to improve it. People at Got It are very friendly and always try their best to help me to get into my jobs. So happy when working here!”
Jerry Le
Software Engineer Intern

Internship at Got It

“One thing I always treasure during the time at Got It is the willingness to help newcomers of all members in the company. They welcome me from the very first start and give me opportunities to acquire out-of-school knowledge, so that I become a better me at the end of the day.”
Huy Pham
Software Engineer Intern

Long-term Internship Program

The best way to get ready to be a real software engineer building global scale product. Our internships offer exceptional opportunities for you to grow both technical and non-technical skills. The long-term internships are flexible in length and time to fit your university schedule.

Summer Internship Program

A unique 12 to 14 weeks internship that let you experience what it is like to work with industry experts, knowledgeable veterans at a young tech start-up. Our interns are from all over the world. You will gain invaluable experience that won't be found elsewhere.

It's all about you!

Instant impact
You will be a part of the team and experience the same day-to-day of a full-time employee. You'll develop new features, write codes, ship challenging projects, and bring real impacts to thousands of users in the world.
Flexible Schedule
You may not want to go to school a lot but education is important. That's why we offer a flexible work schedule for undergrad students. You can work with us part-time while going to school to have the best of both worlds.
We've got you covered
Interns at Got It got all the perks as a full-time employee - monthly salary, a Macbook, daily lunch and dinner, gym allowance, tuition reimbursement, free Grab rides, free learning resources, monthly outing, and many more.

Training program

Intensive training courses with guidance from senior engineers.
Get to know your colleagues from tech giants!
Hone your skills.
Familiarize yourself with proper processes and operations.
Get ready
Hands on working experience under guidance.
Master the workflow and deployment process.
Drive your own targets and ship high quality results.
Directly involve yourself in a Global Life-changing Product!

Selection process

CV Review
Recruitment team scan and select outstanding profiles Contact potential candidates.
Phone Screen
30 - 45 minutes online interview. Check understanding of the company’s products and other technical knowledge.
Competency Interview
In-depth interview with our engineers at Got It’s office. Check technical knowledge related to the applied position and other skills.
Culture Fit Interview
1- hour interview involves members of different teams. See whether you fit with our culture and working environment.
Management Interview
Interview with the manager to discuss your expectations and development pathway.
Welcome to Got It’s family! Let’s start a new chapter of your career.


3rd year student and above
Strong Computer Science /Computer Engineering foundation
Average English or above

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